Transform Your Balcony Into a Haven

A dying fern accompanied by a faded towel and a bike with flat tires – ever seen a balcony like this? Sound a little close to home, perhaps?

If what you’re really looking for is a fun spot to barbeque or a captivating retreat, no need to worry.
You can convert your piece of concrete into just about anything with a little attention and effort. Our team of Austin mortgage experts has created a step-by-step guide on how to turn your boring balcony into a wow factor.

Weather Conditions.

First things first, determine the weather your balcony must endure. If your spot faces the north, you will be limited to shade-tolerant plants, while ones facing the west will be damaging to hard decorations. Items such as wreaths and pottery are subject to fade and crack in the hot summer sun.

Space Usage.

Second, figure out how you want to use the space you have available and have fun with it. An outdoor space should be tasteful and reflect your personality. This is the place to be creative and try something a little more outrageous than you would in your home. You may even decide to change your balcony to fit the different seasons or events you hold.

Make a map of sun/shade exposure and choose plants accordingly. You will save precious time and money knowing that your sunny balcony is a killer for shade-loving plants like philodendrons and ferns, or that the beautiful rose bush you have can’t survive under the shadows.

As soon as you decide on a function – reading nook, dining room, soothing retreat – determine the livable space. Once this is completed, you can begin to add furniture. Some options you have include a
chaise longue, a porch swing, a wicker rocking chair, or a café table accompanied by a few chairs.

Personal Style.

Last but not least, give it some style. Try sticking within your design parameter to give the balcony a
sense of order. This will give you a coherent space in the end. If you wish to create an Italian feel, use statues, fountains, and a couple of tapestries or add wicker and chintz to achieve an English cottage garden essence. In order to anchor the space, pick one or more things to be your focal points. For example, an arch, a seating area, or an excellent potted tree will give your eyes and mind somewhere to rest.

Try using a color palette that is simple and repeat it throughout the entire balcony or patio. A wide array of colors and hues can sometimes be an eye sore. If you wish to add an unexpected splash of color,
select some potted flowers, a couple throw pillows, or even a painting balanced on an easel. Mixing textures is another option. Mask your boring cement floor by putting in concrete paving stones or add a small rug. This will supply the area with a feeling of luxury and warmth.

Create the illusion of ample space by adding massed plantings of pots filled with the same type of flower or shrub. You can use bamboo, ficus, decorative grasses, or daisies to name a few. If you prefer your space to have a little extra privacy, place a potted tree in an open area, add linen curtains displayed over an arbor or set down a few panels of lattice. Mix and match lighting for the perfect ambiance. For example, a spotlight to frame that piece of art, candles to illuminate the table, or even stings of white lights to establish a romantic feel.

If you end up not liking some of your choices, throw something out and try again. Decorating a patio or balcony is all about your sense of style and giving in to your creativity.

One thing to always remember is enjoy yourself and have fun!

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