How to Deal with Fleas: Before and After Spraying

How Fleas Happen

Fleas in Austin Home - How to Get Rid of FleasFleas, as far as pests go, aren’t the most threatening or repulsive pest. They don’t spread as quickly and rapidly as bed bugs, not as creepy as roaches or spiders, and certainly not as much of a problem as mice or rats. Fleas are small flat insects that live off the blood of mammals, and one of the most common types of fleas is the Domestic Cat Flea. This flea is the most common type of flea found in houses and properties, and while they’re relatively harmless to humans, they can cause massive problems for you, your belongings, and (if you have them) your pets. Here’s what to do when you’re encountering a flea infestation.

Before You Call the Exterminator

Fleas live in carpet and fabric similar to the hair and skin of animals. This means that carpets, rugs, couches, beds, your hair, clothes, and drapes are all at risk. Fleas can reproduce and lay millions of eggs in a short amount of time, so the best way to prevent them from reproducing before your exterminator shows up is to get rid of as many of them from as many possible habitats as possible.  By washing your floor mats, bedding, clothes, and vacuuming your carpet, rugs, and drapes, you’ll be eliminating the adult fleas. Vacuuming won’t get rid of all of your fleas, as smaller stage fleas in larva and egg stage will remain in the carpet, but by removing the adults, you’ll ensure that your infestation is as minimal as possible.
(Pro tip: get rid of your vacuum bag after you vacuum the infested area of your floor. Fleas can live and reproduce inside of the vacuum bags.)

Calling the Exterminator

It’s a common misconception that if you just deny fleas a proper host, then they’ll eventually go away, but fleas can live and lay eggs in a carpet for up to a month after you’ve removed your pet (their major source of food). They’ll also start to use you and your family as their host if they can’t find a cat.
Calling a pro exterminator out as soon as possible is the best way to eliminate an infestation. A good exterminator will spray the perimeter of your property, making sure that no fleas can filter in from outside and they’ll take care of the inside of the house, where the infestation is, with safe, non-toxic products. The typical extermination has a month long cycle. Cat Fleas have a two week egg-to-adult lifespan, so the chemical is engineered to kill two round of adult fleas, preventing the second round of fleas from laying eggs.

After You Call the Exterminator

After you extermination, you’ve still got to make sure that you’re vacuuming your carpet regularly and washing all floor mats and bedding that showed infestation before. Fleas are surprisingly resilient pests and sometimes, one spraying may not be enough. While fleas are generally harmless to humans and animals, they have been known in rare cases to transmit serious disease like plague, typhus (if the fleas feed on rats), cat scratch fever, and tapeworms.

Additional Tips:


  • Put away any sweet foods

  • Get drapes and curtains professionally cleaned

  • Vacuum daily

  • Get the appropriate flea prevention for pets

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