Austin’s Bulletproof Economy

There’s no doubt that Austin has quickly risen to the top as one of the most successful economic centers in the U.S. On top of a wide variety of thriving local businesses, national companies like Whole Foods Market, Dell Computers, Freescale Semiconductor, and HomeAway call Austin their home base. As the city’s economy continues to grow, new nationwide companies have begun to set their sites this thriving city. A perfect example of this is Apple, who plans to open a $304 million campus here in the near future, bringing 3,600 new jobs to Austin.

What makes Austin’s economy seemingly recession-proof?

One potential reason is large organizations that provide stable jobs for a large amount of people. For
instance, the University of Texas, is one of the nation’s largest universities, and employs thousands of
employees, from professors to admission counselors. Plus, the Austin State Capitol is the second largest
state government, which employs over 65,000.

A second reason for Austin’s resilient economy is the strong partnership of local businesses that band
together. For instance, Austin’s startup community is so strong that the city now supports four “coworking” offices. These include Link Coworking, Perch Coworking, Soma Vida, Conjunctured and the new Capital Factory located inside of the Omni building downtown. These offices provide a place for start-up businesses to move from their home offices to a community of self-motivated and like-minded individuals, and find access to the resources they need to take their businesses to the next level.

A third reason for the success of Austin’s economy is the vast amount of networking events held each
week, including Business Networking International, Charity Bash, & Austin Young Chamber of Commerce.
On top of these larger organizations, start-up businesses all over town throw networking events all the time, to introduce their companies to more individuals in the Austin local business scene. In a city with a nightlife scene as vibrant as Austin’s, local businesses take every chance they can to get out
of the office and network!

As Austin continues to grow, more and more job opportunities are opening up across the city, making
it one of the top relocation destinations for businesses. Plus, with the advent of the “virtual offices”,
mobile workers are flocking to Austin to build their new businesses or expand existing ones.

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